The ability to communicate to get help or information is essential in any emergency situation. If you are lost, approached by a stranger, or lose power, communication tools are vital assets so you can speak with others or be heard. Take a look at our collection of whistles and radios that will allow you to have a voice and reach out for help in any situation. Shop now! 

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MD 10-Watt Bullhorn
Battery operated and convenient to use.  This rugged megaphone is sturdy with high-impact ABS p..
MD 3-Watt Bullhorn
A budget-priced, efficient, high impact unit, providing excellent voice projection. Weather- proo..
MD Dynamo Walkie Talkies (Set of 2)
The Wind N Go 2-way radio is more than just a walkie talkie. It has 22 channels available. Comes wit..
MD Earthquake Warning Alarm
When seconds count, the Quake Alarm is there for you. This alarm is designed to provide instant warn..
MD Midland Walkie Talkie Radios (Pair)
22 Channels Auto Squelch Call Alert 24 Mile Range 3 Year Warranty Belt Clip Desktop Charger ..