Self Defense Training

Self Defense Training

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Norman “Storm” Cantwell has trained in Hung Gar Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chung, Kempo, *Jui Jitsu*, Aikido, Bushidokan, Taekwondo and is 62-0 in “prearranged street fights.” He has used his expertise in these deadly arts to create his own super mega deadly martial art which he calls “Defense By Storm."

Norman “Storm” Cantwell inspired the movie and the main character (Patrick Swayze) in the movie “Road House,” which was based on actual events. Storm was a former “cooler” who skinned his knuckles on night club patrons for years before taking on the job/town that would make his name legend. By the time Road House reached screens, Cantwell graduated to a career in professional defense training, incorporating tai chi and Eastern philosophy into his courses.

He has been graced with skills and knowledge that he considers a gift from God, and freely uses it to teach others the science of how to defend themselves.

You will learn a SCIENCE instead of learning how to fight… You will learn target areas in the body that stop your attacker instantly…  You will learn to strike more than one target area at a time, but your FIRST STRIKE will stop your attacker, allowing you to get away immediately without becoming a victim… You will learn once again how to deliver these strikes without being countered, (no matter your size, strength, gender or previous skill level )….

Some of the target areas that you will learn are the eyes, (if your attacker cannot see you, he cannot find or get you)… You will also learn how to strike the throat and why most predatorial animals will attack the throat, (if you stop the air or the blood flow to your attacker, in most cases, they become unconscious immediately and, if not, their focus becomes their ability to breathe at that point or function).

Another target area that you will learn is the knee, (if your attacker cannot walk, they no longer can do harm to yourself allowing you to exit stage right, left, front, back, you will not even have to run.)

May God keep you all safe & bless you in this world that we live in.

Training provided for civilian, police, and military. Any age can do this from 7 to 77.

Phone:    816-716-2110

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