Most Americans do not realize the US Government has declared war on the American people through the Trading With The Enemies Act of 1917 and the Emergency War Powers Act of 1933, which Congress approved. What does that mean to us?

This means that anything that the US President or Secretary of the Treasury does is already approved. It means that Congress has permanently delegated its power as the representative legislative body of the people to the executive branch, as have the federal courts. [United States Code, 12 USC, Section 95 (b),]

Despite the carefully staged appearance of democratic process in our government, it also means that the American people have been living under a constitutional dictatorship since 1933.

The Trading with the Enemy Act empowered the federal government to take control over any commercial, monetary or business transactions conducted by enemies, or allies of enemies, within our continental borders. That act defines the "enemy" as being the American people and all of their financial transactions. And under this act, the President of the United States is granted total authoritarian control over every aspect of our economy. Simply put, this act illegally transformed the presidency into a dictatorship.

Despite the existence of the US Constitution and US Bill of Rights, this explains how and why the federal government behaves as if the American people are "enemy combatants" and have no rights at all. If we are defined as "enemy combatants", then our stand-in federal government needs to be in a permanent state of war to defend the authority that it has fraudulently usurped by means of statutory law.

Article 5 of the US Constitution says the federal government may not maintain a standing army except in time of war. The federal courts have been put silently under admiralty law as permanent military tribunals, in which the US Constitution and Bill of Rights have no authority. The flag you see in the courtroom with the gold fringe and tassel is a war time flag, which is a mutilation of our peacetime flag, represents “No Nation and No Constitution,” which signifies Admiralty Law (Law of the Water) or martial law. This gold-fringed flag is NOT authorized [4 U.S.C. Section 1, 2, and 3]. 

So, again, you have no Constitutional rights in this jurisdiction like you think. You only have Constitutional rights in the Common Law jurisdiction during peacetime, which is the “Law of the Land.” So, the government and all the courts are operating illegally in the US… a de facto government and court system!

Private property is controlled by the state and it can be seized without the owner's consent during time of war, despite the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, which only applies during peace time. Our government has committed treason against the American people and sold us out to foreign powers, using us and our private property as collateral for the national debt.

Since Congress permanently signed away its powers to the President through the War Power act, only the President can rescind the state of emergency in America. The jurisdiction of the federal courts is determined by Congress… and the federal courts won’t make a decision to rescind these powers without explicit mandate from Congress to do so….. If they won’t do it, then it’s up to the sovereign American people to stand up and challenge this and demand that this rescission immediately be done.

We’ve been lied to and brainwashed through heavy cultural indoctrination, mass communications media, and our educational system. Our government is no different than any other government in the world and they will do whatever it takes to gain power and control over the people, even commit murder on their own people. 

Most of us have been under a soft dictatorship most of our lives. That’s all we know. We don’t know any different. The government has been telling us we are FREE! We are like a dog in a fenced yard. We think we are free because we get to run loose in a confined area. The fenced yard is now a cage..... We are NOT free... and we are reaping the rewards of being asleep and seeing the full bloom of dictatorship of our government surfacing out of control before our eyes.

“And if We the People cannot ultimately resolve these issues — the issues which spark wars and revolutions — then we ultimately do not deserve to be under any other system.”

Much of this information in this article is credited to and America The Battlefield.